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Welcome to the official website of the RAK Sri Lanka Trade Fair & Business Forum 2024! We are proud to announce that this event is a collaboration between the Chamber of Tourism & Industry in Sri Lanka and the RAK Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the UAE. With the support of relevant government authorities, Sri Lankan Missions in the UAE, the Sri Lankan Business Council in Dubai, and Business Organization, this event promises to be a valuable opportunity for businesses in Sri Lanka.

Scheduled to be held at the RAK EXPO center in the UAE, the RAK Sri Lanka Trade Fair & Business Forum 2024 aims to provide a platform for Sri Lankan businesses to expand their reach into regional markets in the Middle East, Africa, and western regions. Ras Al-Khaimah, where the event will take place, is home to the Ras Al-Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), which offers connections to international markets and opportunities for growth and expansion.

Join us at the RAK Sri Lanka Trade Fair & Business Forum 2024 and take advantage of the new opportunities that await your business in the global marketplace. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event!

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RAK Economic Growth: Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK), a key emirate in the UAE, is experiencing exponential growth, focusing on economic diversification in manufacturing sectors such as construction materials, petrochemicals, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals.

Business Hub: RAK is a world-class business and industrial hub, boasting the RAK Economic Zone with around 16,000 business entities from over 100 countries.

Trade Opportunities: With 46 free economic zones in the UAE, including RAK, there are ample opportunities for Sri Lanka to promote its products and services globally.

Trade Statistics: The UAE is the 8th largest export destination for Sri Lankan products. In 2022, Sri Lanka exported USD 345.82 million to the UAE, while imports were USD 950.36 million. Sri Lanka’s exports to the UAE increased by 20.11% in 2022. Economic Significance: The UAE, particularly RAK, holds economic significance for Sri Lanka, impacting bilateral trade, investments, employment, tourism, and financial sector cooperation.

Supported by the Presidential Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lankan missions in the UAE, Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation, Ministry of Investment Promotion, Ministry of Tourism and Land, Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Trade, and Sri Lankan Business Council in Dubai, along with other business organizations, we are proud to establish a Sri Lanka Single Country Trade Fair and Business Forum. This initiative aims to boost Sri Lanka’s external trade during a period of unprecedented hardship and challenges faced by the Sri Lankan economy.

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